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Update from July 30th hearing


We had a hearing last Wednesday, July 30th. There’s good news and (sort-of) bad news, so let’s start with the good news first for a change: the judge dismissed the case against Lindsey and John! However, Baby Rico will still unfortunately have to take the mandatory medications, all the while being monitored by Mayo Clinic, but at least the heavy hand of Mower County is no longer upon us. Interesting to note here is that even Bill O’Reilly considers Mower County to be one of the most corrupt counties in the U.S. So, good riddance to that court system! Read the rest

A little Valentine’s Day update

rico-in-heart Hello Rico Fans!

Rico is doing pretty good. He’s still on the meds prescribed by the doctors and is still being monitored by Mower County. The prosecutor for the county says he’ll “be watching Rico for the next 17 years.” We appealed Lindsey and John’s case before our appellate court in St. Paul, but lost. We’ve had some dark days, but are doing okay. We’re enjoying Rico! He is one happy young boy!

Sorry, we can’t say more. Our attorney has told us not to say too much…

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Happy 1st Birthday, Rico!


Happy 1st Birthday to Rico!

It’s been quite a year, as we all know, but Rico’s doing great, and is just about the cutest kid ever, as you can see here.

A bit of an update: there isn’t much of one. The County is still overseeing his medical care, but they’re realizing that Lindsey is a great parent (silly County) and have backed off significantly. We’re all still very grateful to each and every one of you for your support, and if anything happens, we’ll put up an update on here.

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Is common sense out of style?

Read the article by Don Peterson, originally run in Meadow Area News on April 24, 2013 Read the rest

Appeal filed in case of Mower County baby with HIV


The parents of a southern Minnesota boy born with the HIV infection are appealing a judge’s ruling that allows Mower County officials to continue monitoring his medical treatment.

Attorneys representing Lindsey Nagel and John Martinez, parents of 6-month-old Rico Martinez Nagel, filed the appeal last week with the state Court of Appeals.

Scott Cody, an attorney representing the parents, said that they followed recommended antiretroviral treatments for their son in the weeks after his birth and did nothing to give county officials reason to take custody after the couple missed a medical appointment in January. Read the rest

Baby Rico Rushed to ER, Taken off Medication



The case of a Brownsdale baby born with HIV takes an unexpected twist. Grandparents of the baby say he was admitted to the hospital and taken off his treatment. Those drugs have been at the center of a custody battle between the Nagels and mower county.

The family believes these drugs kill. Earlier this week judge ruled Rico must stay on them and be supervised by the county.

Thursday night Rico got a severe rash, one that the Nagels were told is life-threatening. Read the rest

The Rico Story

YES, Rico is finally home! Watch the video news coverage below and please remember to SHARE by clicking the social buttons.

The Rico Nagel Martinez Story

My name is Cheryl Nagel, and I am the grandmother of Rico Nagel Martinez, who was born December 19th, 2012.

I am writing to tell you about my grandson, Rico, who has been taken from us and is presently a patient at St. Mary’s Hospital. Because our 22 year old daughter was unable to feed him, they hooked him up to a nasal tube, and later did two surgeries to install a gastric tube. Read the rest

County will continue to monitor Brownsdale infant in CHIPS case

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Lindsey (mother) and Rico

An infant who tested positive for HIV several months ago will remain in his parents’ custody, but only under county supervision, a Mower County District Court judge ruled on Monday.

Judge Fred Wellmann expressed concern that Lindsey Nagel and John Martinez of Brownsdale, parents of now 4-month-old Rico Martinez Nagel, would discontinue HIV antiretroviral treatment without the county’s supervision.

“Their statements that they wish to discontinue the antiretroviral medication and will continue to provide treatment only as long as it is legally required give the Court little choice but to retain jurisdiction in this matter to protect the child,” Wellmann wrote in his decision. Read the rest

“AIDS Cure” Baby Story Fades; Real Miracle Is Lindsey Nagel, 22


Lindsey Nagel with Peter Duesberg

Reports since Sunday, March 3, of a Mississippi two-year-old’s miraculous “functional cure” from “HIV” have obscured the shocking story of how the America’s most famous “AIDS cure” baby, now 22 years old, has endured her newborn child’s abduction and forced treatment since mid-January. Rico Nagel Martinez returned to his parents’ home on Friday, March 8, but forced treatment continues.

Adopted in Romania as an infant in 1990, Lindsey Nagel tested HIV negative before leaving the country with her new parents, Steve and Cheryl Nagel of Minneapolis. Read the rest

Baby Born With HIV Back In Parents’ Custody

A Minnesota baby born with HIV is back in the custody of his parents. WCCO has been following the story of Baby Rico for the last week.

After Rico had been home from the hospital for barely a week, Mower County took custody of him. Court documents say doctors were worried after his family canceled two medical appointments.

On Friday, Mower County allowed him to go home from the hospital to the care of his parents.

The fight to keep the baby with his family still isn’t over. Even though he is almost three months old, little Rico is still settling into a new routine. Read the rest

HIV baby Rico goes home in Mower County, but fight goes on

Battle between his parents and Mower County over custody and supervision of care is far from over

After spending the past seven weeks in a hospital crib connected to a feeding tube and powerful drugs to treat his HIV infection, 3-month-old Rico Martinez Nagel finally went home Friday.

But the legal battle between his parents and a southern Minnesota county over custody of the boy and supervision of his medical care is far from over.

That won’t be decided until early next month, when a Mower County judge presides over a two-day bench trial to determine whether the county should continue to supervise his medical treatments or trust them to the care of his parents, Lindsey Nagel and John Martinez. Read the rest

Baby Born with HIV Returned to Minnesota Family After 51 Days

51 days after a newborn baby was taken away by Mower County officials, he was back in his parents’ arms Friday.

But for how long?

Rico Martinez Nagel was born with HIV.

He was removed from his Brownsdale home, southwest of Rochester, because doctors feared his mother and father wanted to discontinue his HIV medications.

It’s a story that played out once before for this family–nearly two decades ago.

“We’re just happy to have him home,” said 22-year-old Lindsey Nagel, as she held Rico in her arms. Rico was calm and quiet; he didn’t even fuss while liquid HIV medications pumped into his tiny body. Read the rest

Mower County Family Fights For Custody Of HIV-Positive Infant

Three-month-old Rico Martinez Nagel has HIV. Court documents say Mower County got involved after his parents missed a medical appointment. But to better understand this story, you need to read what happened more than 20 years ago.

“Look how much he’s changed,” Lindsey Nagel said as she flipped through pictures of her son.

At the home of any new baby, it doesn’t take long for the talk to turn in that direction. Only at the Nagels, in Brownsdale, Minn., little Rico isn’t able to hear any of it.

“It really hurts,” Lindsey Nagel said. Read the rest

Family, county at odds over custody of child with HIV

boxing-glovesLocal family members have been pleading their case for more than a month to regain custody of their nearly 3-month-old baby. However, county officials and doctors are hesitant, given the potential circumstances: Tests show the child is HIV positive. But they clearly have other concerns, as well; specifically, an antiretroviral therapy (ART) the family spoke out against in the past.

Mower County Human Services took the child, Rico Martinez Nagel, from Lindsey Nagel and John Martinez’s custody on Jan. 18, where they were living in Brownsdale with Lindsey’s parents, Steve and Cheryl Nagel. Read the rest